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Justin Bieber is my life.

Without him, I'd be nothing.


Bieber Fun Fact - Justin’s song “Never Say Never” was originally supposed to be called “Sexy Together”. 

Travis Garland wrote and recorded the song and gave it to Team Bieber.  Justin then re-wrote the song with Adam Messinger, Nasri, Omarr Rambert, and his vocal producer Kuk Harrell.

Press play to hear the way it sounded when Garland gave the song to the team.

It’s good but I don’t understand why I can’t stop laughing

Omg this is so funny lol

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i cried watching this interview where they kept going back and forth between his little self and now….my heart exploded

Does anyone know the name of this interview???

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SO CUTE

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justin crying today

This is so f**king sad, I swear. And the thing is you’re sooooo right, Justin never has enough security. Moshe is tougher than Kenny but Justin needs 5 or 6 guys like those Secret Service men around him. He really needs something stronger, it’s crazy. Anyway, that is just so sad. And I can’t believe you were close enough to Justin to actually see the sadness on his face. Omg.


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I love this part of Down to Earth in NSN.

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This is so sweet!

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This is so sweet, omfg.

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omfg sooooooo adorable where the heck were these found???

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‘Believe’ (Deluxe Version) album cover (back and front)


‘Believe’ (Deluxe Version) album cover (back and front)

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